Collection by Erika Heet

Years of Neutra Architecture


To celebrate 85 years of architecture courtesy of Richard Neutra and his architect son, Dion, who has kept the Neutra practice alive since his father’s death in 1970, a series of events took place in Los Angeles over the weekend, many at the Neutra-designed 1954 Eagle Rock Recreation Center.

Dion Neutra greeted guests at the recreation center Friday, for dinner and a movie on the occasion of his father’s 119th birthday. Saturday he led a symposium on followers of famous design fathers and mentors with Eric Lloyd Wright, Helena Arahuete, Gail Kennard and Karl Whitmarsh. In the afternoon, he hosted a roundtable with Neutra collaborators and owners. As part of an all-day tour of Neutra buildings on Sunday, Dion Neutra opened the doors to his own home in Silver Lake, where he runs his firm and the Neutra Institute for Survival Through Design, which is dedicated to the preservation of Neutra architecture, and the proliferation of the Neutra firm ethic. “We found that the original owners of Neutra buildings were dying off and selling, and we were reaching the end of an era,” he says. “We are continually researching techniques to ensure the survival of these buildings…these owners preside over icons of history.”

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