Collection by DEN Architecture

Wind Apartment Interiors

This project is a case study in customizing a “designer-ready” developer unit in the fast-paced Miami condominium market. From the onset, the purpose was to provide a calming, practical, and flexible design for a young urban couple with stressful high-demand jobs. Open spaces, multi-purpose areas, and light-colored hues were just a few of the strategies used to modify the formal aspect of the apartment. These efforts were complemented through the use of a soothing zen-inspired palette of materials and artwork, with small accents in tropical colors such as yellow and orange. Rich woods, sisal materials, and white leathers were combined to provide a balanced ambiance. The use of reclaimed and restored vintage mid-century furniture was a major element of the project’s sustainable design ambitions, avoiding the purchase (and fabrication) of new furniture and all its associated environmental costs. The use of neutral color paints with no volatile organic compounds contributes to indoor air quality, making the apartment not only beautiful but healthy.