Collection by Andrea Smith

Ways to Use Slate in the Home


Whether tiles or shingles, indoor or outdoor, the use of slate in each of these homes provides its spaces with a textural and chromatic contrast.

The Mourtzouchoses entertain constantly, which means that food is rarely far from anyone’s mind.
The main living space after a healthy amount of restorative work, both structural and in the furnishings.
The flooring in the house alternates between seven-inch-wide oak planks and slate tile, the latter extending to the...
Locally sourced Italian slate covers the ground floor rooms; the coat rack near the entrance is from Zanotta.
The west side is clad with six shutters made of horizontal, western red cedar slats that can be opened or closed with a...
To integrate the former postman’s cottage with the new design, architect David Sheppard added a concrete column...
Roberts found the Montauk black slate, which he continued in a second bath.
The kitchen is IKEA; the floors, like those in the bathroom, are Brazilian slate.
Writing on the walls is encouraged by the magnetic slate chalkboard from Claridge Products.
A couple in Evanston, Illinois, asked John Issa of Perimeter Architects to add on a two-story, 650-square-foot addition...
Humble materials are used to good effect throughout the apartment.
Avid cooks, Jinhee and John spend part of every day around their custom-built kitchen...
The architects stuck to a gray-scale color palette, installing slate tile floors that softly contrast with the white...