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Waste Disposal for a Better and Greener Future


Waste disposal is associated with the process of recycling. Though the two terms have different meanings, many ascribe the two terms in the process of resource recovery. There are different means and process to do this. The simplest form can be just stacking newspapers or separating biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste. However, these simple means and processes doesn’t mark the end of waste disposal and recycling.

Landfills are considered to be the end of every waste, that’s if the waste aren’t recycled. In the past, one of the greatest pitfalls of landfills, including the 1959 operations in Edwards Landfill, was the inability to handle waste properly. One of the causes for this is the lack of waste legislations that protects the environment. Most landfills became dumpsites without using proper handling, disposal, and recycling methods.

Fortunately, this has changed due to modern engineering and operations in facilities that manages waste. One of the most modern and safe landfill in Ontario today is Brooks Road Environmental (BRE), also known as Brooks Road Landfill, which was formerly known as Edwards Landfill. Though the landfill had some environmental lapses in the past, the current management and waste disposal system of Brooks Road Landfill is better and greener.

Specifically, Brooks Road Landfill began their operations in May 2012. Considering that there have been new legislations in waste disposal, the landfill is strictly abides with the said laws and policies. It complies with the requirements Ministry of Environment. As a requirement, Brooks Road Landfill had already removed all known waste from the old operations in the landfill. The hazardous materials were also disposed by the new management off-site. On the other hand, the non-hazardous were also relocated by the company with on their cost.

Waste Disposal and Management

Waste Management
It is every country’s aim to reduce waste and properly manage waste. However, the aim to efficiently use natural resources and lessen the impact to the environment, including waste, is key to waste management. It is then the aim of Brooks Road Landfill to ensure appropriate waste management and recycle materials in order to lessen the use of natural resources.

In instances that the waste disposed in the landfill are non-recyclable, it’s important to hand and dispose these materials properly. Landfills are considered to be the last resort, that’s why it’s important for landfills to have modern and engineered facilities to handle materials. For now, though this is the only location that treats wastes, these areas must handle materials in a responsible manner.

It’s important to note that these landfills can affect the air, water, and land quality in an area. With this, settlers near the area must also given warnings about the risks. On the other hand, standard disposal of waste can be provided in order to ensure that disposal processes adheres to mandated standards.

Contaminated Soil Disposal
As stated, air, water, and soil contamination can happen. However, contaminated soil disposal is not as easy as moving soil from one location to another. There are technologies and guidelines that must be used and followed to do this.

In most landfills, contaminated soil disposal starts with testing and classifying the soil first. Another important test is to assess the acceptance criteria of the contaminated soil. The results from this test will suggest where the soil should be disposed.

With the technological advancement in soil disposal and adherence to government standards, the new Edwards Landfill can surely dispose contaminated soil properly. Experts in the process ensures that the waste disposal is safe for both the engineers and the community.

Commercial Waste Disposal
Commercial solid waste management and disposal are offered for offices, public homes, stores, restaurants and fastfood chains, and other commercial business by landfills such as Brooks Road Landfill in Southwestern Ontario. A sustainable process is important in this disposal because most of these business produce daily waste.

Working with landfills means that, as a business, you also have to ensure that your waste disposal partner is fully licensed. There are guidelines and legislations in handling and processing materials for different facilities that must be applied. It’s also important your business’ partner in commercial waste disposal also meets your own green and sustainable standard to ensure an alignment with your goals and initiatives.

What to Look for in Waste Disposal Services?

Waste disposal services often operates in the same community where you live. Therefore, it’s important that you partner with sustainable waste disposal services to ensure that the soil, water, and air are safe.

Competitive Price
Waste disposal is not cheap. However, there are a lot of competitive pricing and facilities that offers best waste disposal services, such as in Southwestern Ontario, that understands your budget. Find a company that can work out a plan for you and the services you need.

Adheres to Laws
Remember that waste disposal affects everyone. That’s why it’s vital to find a company or a landfill that adheres to the standards mandated by the government in disposing and processing waste. The stringent adherence means that the company aims sustainability and are true to their service.

Waste disposal must not be overlooked. Remember that it’s part of creating a sustainable community where you are part of. Look for the best waste disposal service near you now and make sure to service the community in a sustainable way by partnering with a green and sustainable company such as Brooks Road Landfill.