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The spacious detached garage stows a bevy of kayaks and inner tubes, not to mention the family car.
In São Paulo, Reinaldo and Piti Cóser kept green in mind when designing their deck.
Miha hangs out with Kea, the dog, on the wooden deck that extends the living space outdoors.
On Vashon Island, about 20 miles southwest of Seattle, architect Seth Grizzle designed a 440-square-foot multiuse...
The rooftop courtyard is lined with a verdant mix of indigenous plants, including banana trees, palm trees, lion’s...
Wildlife are frequent visitors here, but the area’s active woodpeckers aren’t very welcome, so the house is clad in...
A section of the facade—a cross between a shoji screen and a barn door—slides open.
The architects designed every gesture of the home as a complement to the landscape, including the slot windows that...
“Segovia is a very central region, but an underdeveloped one,” de la Quadra-Salcedo says.
The Fish Camp acts as the couple’s forest getaway, just a quarter mile from their main house.
The house is divided into three sections connected by a series of outdoor galleries.
The boys have set up an almost plein air painting station on the stair landing in the new addition.
“There is a lot of glass so you can enjoy the view and the outdoor lifestyle even inside,” Henrik explains.