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Tiny Spaces

Dutch Military Bunker Becomes Tiny Vacation Home
A Belgian architecture firm transforms a 140-square-foot Dutch military structure into a modern-day vacation retreat.
Millennium City is an experiment in sustainable living created by Japanese architect Hiroshi Iguchi.
Custom-designed furniture outfits the interior of a bunker-turned-vacation retreat in the Netherlands.
When she visits the Watershed, Kathleen's writing accoutrements are limited to paper and pencil.
Erin Moore of FLOAT Architectural Research and Design, based in Tucson, Arizona, designed a 70-square-foot writer’s...
Jaanus Orgusaar's NOA cabin in the Virumaa region of northeast Estonia.
For an adaptive reuse project in Toronto, Levitt Goodman Architects used a shipping container as a visitors' center.
Maziar Behrooz designed this container studio set amid lush trees.