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Tiny Kitchens We Love


If you're short on kitchen space but big on design, never fear—the following 10 kitchens will help you fill your galley with great, space-saving ideas.

Neither the owner, a self-declared "card-carrying-modernist," or his girlfriend, Stephanie Kiriakopolos, miss having a...
His Gaggenau oven and range, set into an oiled-steel counter, help heat things up in his kitchen.
Raising the bed above floor level, architect Kyu Sung Woo converted this tiny studio into an open and comfortable home...
A mirror measuring 8.5 by 3.3 feet makes the renovated kitchen feel more expansive.
The kitchen cabinetry echoes the new blue ceiling. The brick tile is from Heath Ceramics, as is the dinnerware.
Though he appears to live alone, this graphically inclined Parisian commissioned an apartment that deftly houses his...
Custom furniture rubs elbows with catalog pieces in Michelle's home. "Nobody wants their house to look like a cut sheet.
The kitchenette countertops are made from recycled concrete. The bathroom tile is by Pental.
“The kitchen didn’t really have a home,” says Colkitt.
The budget was nearly as tight as the space in this cheerful renovation of a 516-square-foot flat in Bratislava.