Collection by Alexander George

This Device Helps You Find Your Missing Keys


Shrinking circuits and displays means devices are easier to lose in couches and cars. When having a friend call your missing phone doesn’t work, you can use Tiles, matchbook-sized transponders that use Bluetooth 4.0 to relay their location to an app. Available for pre-order, $20 each.

As long as you’re within 150 feet of the missing laptop, tablet, keys purse, or wallet, you can open the app and a...
You can run the app from other phones, as well, and also trigger the Tiles to make a noise to help you find them.
Each account can monitor up to 8 Tiles.
They come with a double-sided adhesive so they can attach to flat surfaces, or hang from a keychain loop.
A downside is that each Tile’s power lasts for about a year and then the whole unit needs to be replaced—the batteries...

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