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Good Photos of Bad Buildings...

Is this how gutters work? #LateAmericanFoursquare.
The SR71 Stealth Tumor.
If the house is FauxRockin' don't bother...
The Merde-terranean.
If you experience a dormerection lasting more than four years, call your architect.
Can't decide between an eave or a mansard? Try the Eavesard!
When the foyer is this tall, you have to pronounce the 'R'.
Resistance is futile. Borg & Batten.
Is it a wimney or a chindow? Your vote counts.
Not what we meant by "Split...
Curb Repeal.
Tuckin' Fuscan.
If you can't take the chalet to the mountains... take the mountains to the chalet.
Found this specimen while hunting wild mushrooms.
Mergers & Acquisitions.
Photo not to...
Drivethrus are always better with a fireplace.