Collection by Kazuya Koike

the lamp series capable of selecting cable colours Pit.


PIT.-- "Free choice of your colours." Kazuya Koike designed the lamp series capable of selecting cable colors "Pit." for Japanese brand hightide. At first, Koike took a lamp shade,candle stick,candle holder and wall candle away from the main unit. Koike designed the main unit in simple shape without the decoration to make easy to coordinate with other selectable parts as one's favorite color combinations. Lately in a market, there are several LED bulbs quite close to the light of the filament bulb. If you chose these types of light, your room could be in a nice nostalgic mood. The coloration Koike chose are a solid colour reflecting the image of rust,copper green rust,steel. Each of you can get your own lamp with favorite colour combinations. Koike also designed these iconic packages for “Pit.”.

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