Collection by Erika Heet

Summer Getaways Amid the Trees


A forest abode doesn't necessarily mean a dark, damp retreat with no light. Seasonal woodland homes can be bursting with bright, modern cheer, and we guarantee the following will make you want to head for the backwoods.

The exterior view of the Douglas House stepped walkway that extends over the surrounding trees.
The 3,000-square-foot house sits partially on stilts to tread as lightly as possible on its natural island site.
After living on and studying a woodsy acre of land in North Zealand, Denmark, architect Jesper Brask cleared a stand of...
This particular project, at 300 square feet, required some modification to meet building codes.
Every year Marlboro College, which is located in rural Vermont, hosts the Marlboro Music Festival in which 80 of the...
Located in Aarhus, Denmark, Villa R is a minimalist, serene structure clad in zinc panels.
Montreal's APPAREIL Architecture drew upon several principles of Nordic vernacular to optimize sunlight and warmth for...