Collection by coLAB studio

Suguaro Hotel

Contacted by a great design firm, Stamberg Afariat Architecture of New York, colab studio had the opportunity to become the local consultant and architect for a hotel renovation in Scottsdale, Arizona. With over 200 rooms, two pool areas, and an exciting lobby, restaurant, and lounge, the project shows how much impact can be created by a series of simple, economic gestures with maximum benefit. Stamberg Afariat are masters at utilizing expressive color. They transformed the set of all-white buildings into a series of imaginative experiences throughout the site.

colab studio brought in a series of consultants, experts, and contractors to assist the architecture and construction teams, and worked with the City of Scottsdale’s staff to streamline the design process. colab studio also produced a portion of the construction documents and provided construction administration services, working closely with the client’s project manager.