Collection by Eujin Rhee

Styled by Sarah Parker


Color. Curiosities. A challenge. These are some of London-based set designer and prop stylist Sarah Parker's likes. Her style could best be described as a more stylized Things Organized Neatly, where everything from food to shiny objects gets the Parker treatment. Objects are painstakingly arranged with not a hair out of place and color gets carefully integrated into each scene. Her growing list of clients includes the British Fashion Council, men's fashion e-commerce site Mr. Porter, and Honda. Click through the slideshow to take a peek inside the meticulously-designed world of Sarah Parker.

British Fashion Council London Collections: Men Campaign.Various menswear garments and accessories lay on top and next...
A Day on My Plate: Athletes’ Meals for NOWNESS.For luxury lifestyle website, NOWNESS, Parker and photographer Michael...
Disegno with Thomas Brown.Shiny silver pouring containers lay upside down in this nature-inspired scene.
Mr. Porter 'Working Bags' Shoot.Everything other than the brown leather briefcase gets the color blue treatment.
Reflections.A recent project with London-based photographer Sam Hofman features a shining pear and tea kettle that...
Collaboration with Alexander Kent.A melon-colored cylindrical cone "lights up" the all-white room.
British Fashion Council & GQ.Commissioned by the British Fashion Council & GQ, Parker built charming little sets by...

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