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In winter, the extension looks as if it’s covered in snow.
The ribbed texture of the facade echoes the whitewashed walls of the area’s rural barns.
Architect Indra Janda hand-cut sheets of polycarbonate into 15¾-inch square shingles and clad the entire timber...
The elevated office also won an award for its sleek design.
As with connected farms, the limited material palette unifies the various spaces.
To instill the desired sense of comfort and peace, it was important that the design blend with the setting and local...
Next to the shimmering pool on the second floor, the hotel's restaurant Commissary is housed in a lush, urban...
"Through its translucency, the curtain offers a counterpoint of exposure or enclosure depending on how light falls on...
These large, old flats in Madrid were converted into bright, modern apartments.
This stylish apartment in Wan Chai was designed with a glass-framed bedroom cubicle in the middle of the space.
The bedroom is enclosed with a glass wall. A blackout curtain can be drawn closed for privacy.
The 4,198-square-foot home features rustic wooden beams that pay homage to the heritage of the buildings.
Cradle-to-cradle certified carpet from the Shaw Group adds a warm layer in the living room.
Inspired by historic farmhouses, beams are left exposed in the bedroom ceiling.
The black door and window frames provide a contrast to the cedar siding.
The open kitchen features a Richlite island countertop; the faucet is by Chicago Faucets.
Uplights accent the lush landscaping flanking the entrance.
Generous overhangs and period lighting speak to the house's era while sliding glass doors create outdoor access.