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The craftsmanship integral to the experience of the house is evident in the welds of the custom steel windows, the tool...
The living space opens to the patio and pool area.
An open plan kitchen, dining and living room features high wood-paneled ceilings and plenty of natural light.
A interior courtyard is accessible from the bedroom, providing an unexpected secluded oasis right in the heart of an...
Gridded steel frame windows were added throughout the home to provide natural daylight to a city dwelling, unique for a...
Operable doors and windows and doors provide fresh air ventilation off a newly created interior courtyard space.
Boise, Idaho–based architectural designer Macy Miller built her own 196-square-foot home, which she shares with her...
Energy efficiency is a key element in well-crafted glass wall systems.
The main house channels a midcentury vibe.
An original 1957 California Ranch by Kemper/Nomland has been painted black and transformed into a pool/guest house.
The pitched roof reduces the extension's surface area to 12 percent less than that of a flat-roofed extension, creating...
Floor-to-ceiling glass windows seamlessly connect the indoor spaces to the outdoors.
A slender wooden decked porch that looks out to the lake.
With invisible foundations, the house appears to hover above a grassy carpet.
The house has a standing-seam metal roof and is finished with black-tinted stucco and a standing-seam metal roof.
The simplicity in massing and material create a sculptural blocking of interior and exterior spaces.

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