Collection by Aaron Britt

Stephan Jaklitsch


Oro Editions's Stephan Jaklitsch: Habits, Patterns, Algorithms 1998-2008 is a massive tome chronicling the last ten years' work of architect and interior designer Stephan Jaklitsch. Jaklitsch has designed retail spaces for both Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs (the brand's down-market little brother) all over the world. Though we've seen the shops in LA and San Francisco, it was great to see how he's translated a design language across cities like Paris, Savannah, Hong Kong, and Taipei. The result is a compelling look at what an architect with a clear affinity for a brand can do when permitted to work across a myriad of spaces. Neither too same-y, nor all over the map, one wonders why more design-conscious retailers don't find an architect who works and stick with him.

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