Collection by Jami Smith

Step by Step


From floating staircases to unique walkways, these homes know how to keep you on your toes. Take a look at how these seven homes are maximizing space by thoughtfully incorporating smart staircase design into their interiors and exteriors.

The basic house has under-staircase storage, which is more practical, but less beautiful.
The stairs and the wood paneling were designed and built by wood-worker Noah Israel, a longtime neighbor and friend.
The rear facade is a complex articulation of angles and walkways.
The top of the house is dedicated to a dining area and a kitchen outfitted with steel-topped cabinets from Sanwa...
The wood-and-steel open staircase wends its way up three stories, supported by a concrete structural wall embedded with...
Matthew Trzebiatowski matched an extreme aesthetic to an extreme climate, but his sustainable moves took a gentler...
The "floating" staircase is actually supported by steel rods hidden within each step.

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