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190+ Best Modern Staircase Ideas


From solid wood to industrial steel, these modern staircases are more than just a way to get from one part of the house to another.

Briggs and Knowles’s elegant staircase draws upon the language of the oculus; the stairs are underlit with fluorescent...
The home’s roof is constructed of 80 percent recycled content.
The ground level contains the living and dining spaces. Upstairs there are two bedrooms, plus the master suite.
The main staircase consists of simple oak treads that cantilever out from side walls sheathed in natural vertical board...
Fabricated by Stocklin Iron Works and designed by Nebolon, the orange staircase features steel railings and treads made...
The spiral stairs were fabricated in the Bay Area and shipped in the same container as the furniture.
Stairs made of teak lead from the guest bedroom to the roof garden.
The second-floor family room is fronted by an L-shaped staircase with an opaque guardrail that provides some privacy...
From the second level of the house, Griffin climbs the stairs his own way.
The interiors were designed by Landes's mother, Catalina Echavarria.
A cozy reading nook fits underneath the stairs, saving floor space in the 1690-square-foot home.
Rural and urban sensibilities mix indoors.
A George Nelson pendant hangs in the reconfigured entrance hall, whose stairs echo the concrete steps off the back deck.
The architect minimized costs by keeping the detailing relatively simple.
Executing subtle design details, even in transitional spaces, was one of the great successes of the collaborative...
Engineered white oak floors and a wide staircase up to the pavilion were the two primary changes to the downstairs.
The staircase is about 46 feet tall from top to bottom.
FORMstudio designed an acrylic balustrade that winds up the 1,647-square-foot home's five levels.
Stained oak flooring was used throughout the home’s ground level, and continues up the main stairwell.
Stainless-steel cables along the stairs function as a second railing without blocking views through the adjacent...