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Silicon Diffusers


In this project I looked at the effect that scent can have on our mood and how it can influence different situations. I created a collection of three objects, each one for a different situation; they are made in silicon, and the material itself smells because the scent is imprinted into it as the object is being molded.

Eau d’Orange is the dispenser designed to keep your mind fresh and ready. You can put it on your desk and smell it while you’re working: it will keep you concentrated and will help you to enjoy your work.

Pillow n. 5 is the dispenser for those who can’t sleep. It contains notes of chamomile, lavender whose scent help keep you relaxed and makes you sleep better. It’s small and it can be put on the bed side table and used each time you want a good night’s sleep.

Air de Provence is designed for those who live in big cities. Every time you want to feel fresh air from countryside you can just open your window and put the dispenser in front of it. The air will pass through the dispenser bringing a perfume of fresh grass in your room.

This project has been shown at Villa Noailles, Hyeres, during the 8th Edition of Design Parade.

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