Scenic Horizontal Homes


In an increasingly urbanized society, vertical building has become the MO, but if you have the space, consider building outwards instead. These low-slung structures are easy on the knees and on the eyes.

The pathway from the pool to the house is paved with the same slate that clads the exterior walls.
Architect Chris Pardo designed the Element 1 model for prefab builder Method Homes, cladding it in Cor-Ten steel and...
Two Black Sheds incorporates all the conventional aspects of a weekend retreat in a rather unconventional way.
“There’s a lot of horse talk here, and with this place there is plenty of opportunity for...
Various groupings of succulents were planted to accent and obscure the home's relationship to its surrounding...
A 1,600-square-foot in-law unit in Sonoma, California, has two bedrooms and two baths for its 87-year-old resident,...
The main living space is constructed of immense I-profiles, allowing for a full wall of glass with four large sliding...
Two linked 1,000-square-foot pavilions are greater than a sum of their parts.
White brick exterior of Goddard and Mandolene’s home post renovation.
The Hupert-Kinmont house lies low in a century-old apple orchard, far from neighboring houses.

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