Collection by Kyle Copeland


Oasis sofa, Rand cocktail table, Filigri rug, Lira chairs, Sheepskin...
Reese armless chairs, Aria table, Grove console table, Lind ottomans, Harding sofas, Otis swivel chairs, Graham...
A large glass roof and removal of many internal walls, opens the old Victorian house to a flood of daylight.
The Floating House floats above the jungle canopy of Costa Rica and was designed by architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe.
A Workshop - Toodyay...
The house is set on a forested hill, which means the backyard—though scenic—is too steep to enjoy.
In the upstairs bedroom, a square skylight opens to a patch of sky.
A Pivoting Wall Makes This Tiny Studio a Fit For Any Occasion
Movable modular parts make this renovated, 400-square-foot Manhattan apartment a flexible feat.
A New Slant
In Seattle, where others saw only a severe slope and lack of municipal hookups, one couple spotted their ticket to their dream...
The entrance is highlighted by a custom walnut door designed by the architect, Jack Hawkins.
The base of the house was built using a custom-prefabricated concrete foundation.
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