Collection by Jami Smith

Sami Kallio's Milan 2013 Collection


Finnish designer Sami Kallio, previously featured in Stockholm Design Week 2013: Furniture Fair constructs strong pieces which combine a handcrafted and industrial aesthetic. Kallio's newest Milan collection composed of solid wood and various other materials includes stackable chairs, unique light fixtures and stylish boxes. Take a look at some of our favorites!

The Y5 Chair series in Kallio's Milan collection comes in different colors, including solids and ombre finishes.
Y5, similar to Kallio's other chair collections including In Between is made of solid wood and form-pressed veneer.
Each Y5 has different accent metal pins which are visible on both front and back of the chair.
The Y5 is relatively lightweight, making it easy to stack if need be.
Lighting, made from minimal materials including half pipe and woodstock make for a simple and effective table lamp.
This vibrant table lamp in the Milan collection is also composed of very little materials.
Kallio's storing wood boxes come in various sizes and colors.