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SaltBox Tiny House

The kitchen window herb box is one among a line of accessories that bolt on to the a steel exoskeleton to allow...
In order to provide luxury in a tight bathroom space, Extraordinary Structures hand-crafted an ofuro soaking tub from...
The Scandinavian vibe knotty pine walls are offset by smooth acrylic that brightens up the small bathroom and provides...
The acrylic lined bathroom holds a low-profile sink and a waterless toilet.
A tiny house gets tiny art. Clean dishes drain right into the integrated sink.
In a small bathroom, controlling humidity is key.
The Kimberly stainless steel marine stove is a perfect fit in a tiny house.
A single piece stainless steel countertop set on CNC-machined cabinets.
The reading nook can serve as a felt-lined guest bed when necessary.
Modular storage cube stools are joined by magnets into a loveseat.
Reading lights and USB power ports ring the bed.
The floors in this tiny house are end grain mesquite which are harvested in accordance with Forest Service land...
A small oven, a multi-cooker and an induction cooktop used in combination provide all the firepower this kitchen needs.
The minisplit air and heating unit controls the temperature no matter the extremes.
A sneak peak into the small, but light filled bathroom with a handcrafted cedar soaking tub built in the style of a...
This tiny house is fully usable even when the Queen-sized bed is deployed.
Dogs provide a good sense of scale in a tiny house.
The wall bed is a true Queen-sized unit.
This tiny house doesn't have a loft for sleeping--that happens on the ground floor.

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