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Rustic | Modernization


Modern | Rustic design spaces: Warm organic spaces, rich in old world materials such as bricks and wood that blend seamlessly together with stainless steel and contemporary ideas. Modern | Rustic design will never be dated, and it will always feel inviting and warm : Only for the eclectic.

Modern Farmhouse Incorporates Contemporary Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting
Niche contemporary kitchen island pendant lighting adds a fresh and current twist to this modern farmhouse.
Crafted from reclaimed olde growth pine salvaged from antique floor joints from Philadelphia houses built in the 1800s,...
Because the area is prone to wildfires, the architect and residents were compelled to use special flame retardant...
Provence's Rustic Tower Inn
Winter in Provence means no tourists, no crowds and plenty of peace and quiet in a restored 16th century French...
Chef Ludo Lefebvre's Modern Kitchen With Rustic Roots
Hailing from Burgundy, France, chef and television personality Ludo Lefebvre brings a European sensibility to his remodeled...