Collection by Emma Marsano

Rusted Metal Facades


The metal exteriors of these buildings range from lightly oxidized to coated in rich red layers of rust.

The rectilinear house is comprised of a main house and a guest house connected via a sixty-foot-long bridge.
Wrapped in a folded Cor-ten steel curtain, the Walnut Residence has an unforgettable exterior that creates even more...
The Third Wave Kiosk opened on the shores of Torquay, Australia, in 2011. Photo by Rory Gardiner.
The house is clad with scales made of Cor-Ten steel that have weathered and rusted over time and create framed views...
A 24-by24-foot Cor-ten-clad pavilion tops the three-story addition.
Hidden away up a perilous dirt road, the Witt Guesthouse, in its material and construction, reflects the wildness of...
The screened-in porch.