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Rich Brilliant Willing


When Senior Editor Aaron Britt was at Design Miami in December, he met the three RISD chaps behind the young industrial design firm Rich Brilliant Willing. Theo Richardson, Charles Brill, and Alex Williams (get it?) have been hard at it in New York City for a couple years now, and looked all too happy to be on the town in Miami's balmy excuse for winter. They met up at a show at the Cappellini gallery, wandered around Design Miami for a bit, and then arranged to have a beer the next day. Though he could hardly recount the quips and barbs of the collective Rich Brilliant Willing mind, Britt did put a few questions to them. Here he presents what they had to say, in addition to this slideshow of their work.

Ideal working environment?Anywhere with our thinking tools, our studio is great. -TheoA round table. -CharlesLucky break?I hope we still get one. -TheoDream commission?Unlimited budget. -CharlesTo design outside our niche, with bigger audiences. -TheoHero?Tiger Woods (just kidding). -TheoAnti-hero?Tiger Woods. -TheoIrritating buzzword?Collab. -AlexHighest compliment?"I think your on to something...." -CharlesWe haven't yet reached our potential. -TheoA book?The Kindle. -TheoBlink. -AlexA film?The Road. -TheoAn album?"Warm Heart of Africa" by Very Best. -TheoEureka moment?There's still some beer in here! -AlexWorst ever idea?Not being Warren Buffet. -AlexBest advice?Stick to your guns. -TheoWhen not designing?Sleeping. -AlexBest seat in the house?Near the window. -TheoNear the food. -CharlesI wish I had?A pet piglet. -TheoA pet piglet with a leather police cap. -CharlesLooking forward to?My first electric vehicle, my first commercial space flight. -Alex

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