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Crescent booths and pedestal tables in a soft palette.
The aloha spirit runs deep in Mahina & Sun’s, where the walls are covered with a shaka wallpaper by Andrew Mau.
A rustic setting indeed.
Five pods made of OSB wood and metal provide informal nooks for socializing or eating.
A slightly raised, plaid-fitted cafe stays open all day. Photo by Nikolas Koenig.
Tom Dixon's Fluoro stools and Moooi chairs adorn the cafe. A Castor tube light hangs above a communal table.
Diners who prefer to share a meal outdoors keep warm by the fireplace.
Vintage Northern European furniture, shelving, and pendant lights contribute to a rugged impression.
Sasa Mahr-Batuz explained his vision: “The idea was to create an environment that feels like it’s been in existence for...