Collection by Marianne Colahan

Redefining The Light Bulb with Plumen


With its line of low-energy bulbs—the first energy-efficient designer light bulbs to market—Plumen offers a solution for long-lasting illumination that is fit for a well-designed modern home. With designs that offer a sculptural take on incandescent filaments and the shape of traditional bulbs, Plumen provides lighting options that endure, both functionally and aesthetically. Take a closer look at Plumen’s bulbs alongside pendant lights from Niche Modern that showcase the sculptural bulbs.

Shown with the simple Drop cap Pendant, the Plumen 001 is the original energy-saving bulb from Plumen.
A closer look at the Plumen 001 bulb.
The Plumen 001 Baby is the more compact version of the Plumen 001.
From Niche Modern, the Delinea Glass Pendant Light is a sculptural glass hanging light.
This colorful assortment of Calla Pendant Lights from Niche Modern is made of hand-blown glass in Beacon, New York.
The Plumen Drop Cap Pendant Set was designed to coordinate with the Plumen 001 bulb, and also supports the smaller...
The Plumen 002 has a screw fitting that fits into any lamp that accommodates a standard screw bulb, and its 7-watt...
This collection of Delinea Glass Pendant Lights shows off the sculptural look of the Plumen 002 bulb.