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Rams: Less and More


Making its only American stop in San Francisco, the wonderful show Less and More: The Design Ethos of Dieter Rams opened this week at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. I got a chance to see the show and to interview Rams last week. He was very charming and (verboten in most cases) had little trouble or qualm about picking up the various objects on display as he described their origins. The show, which originated at the Suntory Museum in Osaka, Japan, is on through February 20th, 2012. Here's a sampling of what you'll see at the show and (as if you needed it) another reminder of why Rams' work for Braun and Vitsoe remains the pinnacle of European industrial design.

One of Rams' most iconic designs, the SK 4 radio-audio combination is from 1956 and was co-designed with Hans Gugelot.
The FS80 television set is Rams' design from 1964; a metal frame holds up the plastic housing of the screen.
This G11 radio designed by Hans Gugelot from 1955 is a good signpost of where Rams started in his career at Braun.
Much of Rams' design was defined by neutral hues.
The Atelier 1 radio from 1957 still used a bit of wood but was moving toward a more technical aesthetic.
Though Rams designed scores of objects for Braun, he was equally influential as the director of design.
The 300 special DL 3 is a pre-Rams design.
The KMM 2 coffee grinder is another of Rams' experiments in color. This one is from 1969.
The ABR 21 signal radio by Rams and Dietrich Lubs is a Braun entry in the clock radio race from 1978.

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