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Purposeful Designs and Concepts


The pieces I like to create, and hopefully make more of, attempt to be both aesthetically pleasing and conceptually interesting, without sacrificing one for the other.

Tall Outdoor Chair -- Made with only four pieces from salvaged douglas fir wood beams, the piece stands at roughly...
Stool in two stumps and metal... the ring ties and squeezes the two pieces of wood together... Inspired by Brancusi's...
Chaise No. 1 in #linen upholstered cushion and #wood.
Console No. 2 - Closed #glass box with #wood opening for one cable box.
Another shot of Coffee Table no. 3 in #alabaster and #wood ... #design #furniture #wooddesign #furnitureart #stone...
Coffee Table no. 3 - Bird's eye view with sycamore wood obstructing some surface area.
Coffee Table no. 3 in Alabaster and Sycamore -- it's a close up...
Coffee Table No. 4 in Sycamore Wood and Glass -- The glass box is enclosed on all six sides.
Coffee Table No. 1 in Steel and Hay, completed in 2010 -- The off-center ring can be used to hold misc.
Contact sheet of some of my pieces completed over the past few years.