Collection by Barreca & La Varra

Punta Murena (Alassio)


Villa Brunati and Its Garden

A villa and ten bungalows between the Aurelia and the sea.

The Milanese studio Barreca & La Varra is redesigning the promontory of Punta Murena, in Alassio located between the Aurelia street and the sea. Within this exceptional place, Villa Brunati, early twentieth century build- ing, featuring a garden that unfolds on the slope characterized by cliffs and retaining walls is an outstanding element. Abandoned for years, the villa has been repeatedly changed over time, with an incisive transforma- tion in the sixties which was exposed to the addition, also ten prefabri- cated wooden bungalows are located at the green space, which greatly affects the unity of the open space, originally intended to serve as an artistic promenade stay.

The intervention starts with the safety measures and continues with the reconstruction of retaining walls and cliffs, with a view to enhance the landscape. Through a close dialogue with the Municipality of Genoa, the green space which hosts the villa was reassessed and decided to the original structure (axes, paths, slopes), while on the other hand, the system of additional bungalows which existed since the sixties, was decided to be replaced by ten restored bungalows that are more luxuri- ous and higher in quality higher quality. Another crucial decision was to incorporate the bungalows closer to each other within the landscape. The new pavilions were constructed out of wood and steel, and "suspended" from the ground with a punctual foundation structure, measuring 60-80 square meters. Each is equipped with a relevant open space, however, each designed in a consistency in order to keep the flow with the surroundings and the green landscape.

The restoration of the villa has kept pace with the green space, where incongruous plants have been eliminated and new plants were placed. The new arboreal intervention has got the task of shielding the green system from the rail and to replace it with a significant root system, this would allow a steep strengthining for the soil it self.

The villa, the green space and the new bungalows are designed as a combination in order to reconstitute the unity of the green system and to blood a relationship between the landscape which hosts both the Aurelia street and the sea.
The ground consolidation, already under operation, will enable to launch the site during the month of January with a planned completion of the construction in 2018.

The ten restored bungalows and seven apartment flats located in Villa Brunati will create a marine tourist village with it will add 7 apartments to get back inside Villa Brunati, to set up a marine tourist village with excep- tional luxury and environmental qualities with an outstanding landscape.

Year: 2016 (ongoing construction)

Client: Stedil srl

Built Area: Villa 830 sqm / Depandance 220 sqm / New Bungalows 650 sqm / Plot 12000 sqm

Project architects: Barreca & La Varra (preliminary, definitive, executive,artistic direction)

Structural Design:

Landscape Design: Studio Cancelli

Design of the Units: ZP3

Electrical and Mechanical Design: ZP3

Project Leader: Claudio Barborini

Collaborators: Chiara Capponi, Simone Marelli, Luigi Tambuscio

Construction: Stedil srl

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