Collection by Monique Valeris

Prefab Passive House on San Juan Islands


When two retired teachers decided to build a new home, they knew they wanted an energy-efficient, no-stress Passive House design that would support aging in place. The resulting 1,800-square-foot house is the first Certified Passive House on the San Juan Islands in Washington, and it’s only the fourth in the state. The home, designed by Olympia-based firm The Artisans Group, has a circular floor plan that centers around a prefabricated pod that contains the kitchen and two bathrooms. In order to achieve its Passive status, the residence features an air-sealed exterior shell that provides insulation, efficient windows and doors, and a heat recovery ventilator to keep it warm in the winter. In the summer, careful window placement and shades ensure the space won't overheat.

The kitchen boasts maple wood, modern Radianz quartz countertops, along with a Pental tile backsplash and Moda Vetro...
The bedroom offers the couple a relaxing place to unwind.
The exercise space contains ample storage and a convenient door for days when the couple wants to practice yoga...
The home office features Ikea’s red Patrik chair and an original sculpture from artist Don Freas.
Unsightly garbage is hidden behind cabinets.