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Sedo Wall Sconce.
Frame light in Mint by Iacoli and McAllister.
The shutter system creates a stunning interplay of light in the front patio space.
The couple's firm specializes in illustration and photography for the advertising industry.
Morera was also attracted to cacti's resilience.
Nessen Lighting produced a series of five DeRespinis lamps in 1960.
“There’s a threshold of planting between the outside and inside,” says architect Laura Briggs, citing the blooming...
A garden of of small herbs and vines creates a fan of green as the plants creep up the outside walls.
The woven wire steel mesh used to cloak Xeros’s east façade stands in stark contrast to Phoenix’s blue sky and the palo...
When paired with potted plants, Islands can double as a desk or dining table. Photo by Vicky Lam.
A sculptural terrarium brings the landscape indoors.
Boeri Studios created the residences for the redeveloped Porta Nuova district of Milan, using advanced technologies to...
Horsetails occupy the raised planters.
Boxes of herbs and spider plants adorn one side of the patio.
There are two zones in the house.
Southwest: Steve...
Sheltered behind the fence that runs along the sidewalk, the plantings give the courtyard the feeling of an urban oasis.
Maggie Treanor waters plants around her rural home.
Local plants are abundant inside and out. Natural light and ventilation were key elements when designing the home.