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Pocket Spaces

11 Modern Stairways That Do Way More Than Just Connect Floors
More than just a means of getting from A to B, stairways can add architectural interest to a home with just a little lateral—or...
Potted plants hang in a curtain from the upper stories.
A bird’s eye view reveals how the once utilitarian space has been transformed into a gallery setting.
A third-floor courtyard stands in for a backyard and gives Elodie, the couple’s two-year-old daughter, a place to play...
Furnished with vintage Eames chairs, a second-hand sofa, and pendants and tables designed by Nathalie, the space is...
A series of round cushions piled atop the floor make for a casual lounge area in the upstairs apartment.
The home’s enclosed courtyard sits at “the heart of the structure,” says Baumann, who resides with his wife, Lisa...
Baumann designed the plywood bed frame and shelving unit in the master bedroom, adjacent to an exposed cinder-block...
The door to Eoghan Mahony’s office is set on a caster and has a hinge that runs the entire ten-foot height.
Indoor Bushwick Campsite...
Casa GP is laid out as a series of pavilions, with each holding another function.
The residents wanted their house to sit within the bush, not above it. Two decks made of local purpleheart enhance the...
Among the most dramatic spaces is the double-height office with sculptural installation.
A media storage unit is made from a steel pivot welded to a heavy-duty tractor bearing by Sierra Metal Fabricators.
The floorboards are lumberyard “culls” that had turned gray or cracked from being exposed to weather.
Rocks dug up during construction were saved and incorporated into the poured-concrete floors and walls.

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