Collection by Aileen Kwun

Modern Treehouses


Perched atop piers and suspended from trees, these lofty structures are a cut above.

A Modern Treehouse in Belgium
Design firm Baumraum’s modern tree house in Belgium sparks a dialogue about nature and architecture.
Fujimori's retreat in Nagano, The Too-High Tea House, which is adorned with a roof of hand-rolled copper sheets, seems...
On Viggsö, an island of the Swedish Archipelago, architecture firm Arrhov Frick designed a two-story retreat, using...
Fujimori has an affinity for building structures that appear to be perched precariously: His charred cedar-clad Guest...
Kid-Friendly Treehouse in Upstate New York
An inventive, freestanding “tree house” built by an architectural designer for her family grows in Garrison, New York.
Treehotel owners Britta Jonsson Lindvall and Kent Lindvall enlisted six designers to create the 13-by-13-foot...
At just 350 square feet, this remote cabin with a view for the Sol Duc River sits on stilts to protect it from flooding...
Eighteen-foot-long ribs run from top to bottom to form the treehouse's struts.
@sticks.and.bricks: it's #treehouse season! please excuse me while I go #playintheyard.
The Treehouse, also part of the Post Ranch Inn, features Cor-ten panels.
Davis worked with contractor Ted Timmer to construct the playhouse on her family’s 30-acre property.
One of the models Parfett designs is the Tube, a slender room that can be built off site.
Nine slender, 100 x 100 millimeter square steel columns that are held in place by crossed braces on all four sides hold...
A deceptively simple structure, the Flying Pigsty structure floats lazily above the ground.