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Peek inside Datadog's office


Located in the iconic New York Times Building

The inviting lobby features tons of light, bright colors, and digital screens with dynamic graphics.
The bright and modern front desk is a welcome sight for visitors.
The open floor plan allows for uninterrupted 360-degree views throughout the space.
Standing desks equipped with monitors are ready for employees who need to stretch their legs a bit.
Individual privacy booths are perfect for when you need quiet time away from your desk.
Datadog's cafeteria space is large enough for the entire company: all-hands meetings take place here.
Team members meet over coffee in Datadog's multi-use cafeteria space.
Custom kitchen stocked with a plethora of snacks!
Pops of color abound throughout.
Each meeting room has a brightly colored custom mural to accompany its name.
Soundproofed phone booths allow for privacy on calls.
A view of Datadog’s eye-popping custom mural that leads into the lobby.