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Shattered Crackle wallpaper by Cuffhome, $250 per roll, and Buddies sconces by Apparatus, $1,150 each.
Renée Rossouw’s South African heritage shines through in her bright, earthy designs.
The Calico collection was the first to be produced by the couple.
Map of Paris, dress fabric. Ralph Barton/Stehli Silks Corporation. Crêpe de Chine. USA, 1927 (V&A: T.87I-1930).
Doll's House, furnishing fabric. Tootal, Boradhurst, Lee & Co. Printed cotton. UK, 1930 (V&A: T.438-1934).
This nifty notebook sports subtle patterns on its page celebrating all things brick.
Pierrot, dress fabric. Calico Printers' Association. Printed cotton. UK, 1937 (V&A: T.267-1987).
A dark paper lampshade wrapped in a laser-stitched triangular grid, the Take-Off Light provides an elegant platform to...