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Parallel Series


In designing the Parallel Series, we searched for a pairing of materials that would create a dynamic contrast while allowing for an elegant harmony. We decided to bring together the rich complementary duo of spun aluminum and hand blown glass.

The bold and delicate tension of this light makes it the pillar in the Parallel collection.
A sphere is where most things start, as did we. This delicate globe is our take on the most universal form.
When paired with a long incandescent bulb, this tall cylinder creates a beautiful and calming light.
With tight curves and clean lines, this modern canister form is both classic yet contemporary.
The Carina light has a wide, curved shape comprised of handblown glass and formed aluminum.
Large voluminous curves make up the Parallel Orb's stunning shape.
The Vela light has a thin, delicate shape and was designed as small floating vessel for lighting modern spaces.
Simple, elegant, and bold.