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The master bedroom in the guest house is clean and simple, shown here with a Cherner Side Chair posted up in the corner.
A small courtyard cut out of the center holds a sheltered terrace with an outdoor fireplace.
Excellence in design and craftsmanship means the homeowners can let the space sing without needing to fill it with...
Scott and Regina’s toolkit of electronics extends outdoors.
The two-story addition is only fully visible from within the Kemps' leafy backyard.
Shannon Bloemker’s hillside home in Piedmont, California, is arranged in a C-shape with protected courtyards.
The relationship between interior and exterior becomes crucial in the articulation of the residence.
View from basement bedroom into...
Responding to restrictions set by local planning authorities, the architects lowered the library’s floor level to...
Chef Alfredo Oropeza wanted the kitchen to be the heart of the house.
A Sonoma Prefab That Celebrates a Family’s Passion for Cooking
Nestled in an apple grove in Sebastopol, California, the Orchard House is a rural idyll for the modern cook.
In Sweden, architect Bengt Mattias Carlsson created a pavilion adjacent to a residence dating from the late 1800s.
The Heids incorporated mostly native plants into the courtyard, which Andrew designed as an ovoid decagon.
In the master bathroom, all boundaries between inside and outside and public and private are virtually eliminated.
Concrete cut-outs in the flooring allows for indoor plantings in this huge work/live warehouse in Antwerp.
A giant indoor/outdoor courtyard landscaped with tropical plants and volcanic sand, in Antwerp, Belgium.