Collection by Aaron Britt

Our Favorite Homes in Canada


We've been rounding up our favorite homes region by region (check out our picks for New England) and today we turn our attention to our neighbors in the great white north. We frequently hop over the Canadian border when reporting for Dwell, and with towns like Toronto and Edmonton on the rise, there's no shortage of great homes cropping up. Check out this quintet, from maritime Quebec to rugged Alberta, to see how modern design plays in the snow.

"We wanted something lively for the house, something spectacular but not vulgar," says Bériault of the blue hue of the...
The 925-square-foot house Maggie Treanor calls home blends into the landscape somewhat; with a galvanized steel shed...
Though their unit was gutted, Peart and Weisgerber were highly attentive to the remaining details of Safdie’s design.
With ingenuity and plenty of elbow grease, architect John Tong turned an old Toronto dairy into the ultimate family...
Rising high above booming Edmonton, this multi-hued penthouse has the best view in the province.