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One-of-a-kind Infinity Edge Pool & Waterfall in Austin


This Austin Modern Home in just outside of downtown Austin is set apart by its exquisite infinite edge pool with cascading water feature. The pool is covered in a custom imported tile that changes color in different light.

The rooftop deck of this modern home in Austin uses Feeney CableRail to keep the view of the city's skyline...
$150,000 worth of imported tile covers this infinity edge pool, the one-of-a-kind tile changes color in different light.
Part of what makes this infinity edge pool so unique is the custom tile covering the two story waterfall which faces...
The imported tile on this infinity pool was custom made for this project.
This infinity edge pool is covered by imported tile from Mexico. The tile took a crew over 3 months to install.
The clean lines of this modern home in the Austin Hill Country fit perfectly with the infinity edge pool, which is...
This modern home in Austin, TX is compromised of 7,000 sf of living space surrounding this infinity edge pool with a...

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