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Design from or inspired from Japan

Video: Prefab Japanese Joinery
In our September 2011 Japan Style issue (now on newsstands!) we showcase a plethora of Japanese-influenced houses as well as...
The magic wall-disappearing act is accomplished by means of sliding glass panels, which the family tends to leave open...
Even in cold weather, they open the sliding doors to let the fresh air in.
Setsumasa and Hideaki toss on the rain fly.
Undivided Attention
New York mainstay Miya Shoji continues to hone the art of Japanese screen-making.
None of the ten units is purely communal, but detached Unit C, Yasuo Moriyama’s...
Sævik designed the wood tub in the bathroom, which features an adjacent sauna.
This owner created an enclosed garden to enjoy his soaking tub, enhancing the feel of a private sanctuary by carefully...
The custom cedar tub, fabricated by Dovetail, elegantly fits into the master bathroom.
While most of the ground level is given over to the large open living and dining area, it also includes a small pantry,...
A custom-tailored mechanism allows six floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors to open along the entire width of the...
At the client’s request the kitchen contains neither upper cabinets (Shino can’t reach them) nor an oven (they only...
Protected by an overhang, and floating above ground level, this tertiary space is known in traditional homes as the...
The entrance to the living room includes a seating area where guests can remove their shoes.
After entering through the front door, visitors pass over the large koi pond on a cast-concrete footbridge chiseled to...
A perpendicular walkway leads right to the garage and laundry areas.
With doors open, Shino and Ken pull an Eames LCW chair for Herman Miller outside to enjoy the space.
A gently winding set of exposed aggregate concrete pads leads to the Wabi House’s front door.
The couple asked for a “no maintenance, not low maintenance” backyard.
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