Collection by Marianne Colahan

Modern Wristwatches We Love


Function may come first with wristwatches, but these high-performing watches prove that style does not have to be sacrificed. From minimalist and monochrome to bold and inventive, these eight watches have innovative design details that set them apart from standard watches. Be sure to check out the full collection of modern timepieces at the Dwell Store.

Inspired by the instruments used by professionals who produce technical drawings for engineers and...
The Picto Watch is a distinctive timepiece that is at once minimalist and graphic.
The Stop2Go Watch from Swiss Company Mondaine takes the classic Swiss Railway Clock and reimagines it as a...
A new product in 2014, the BN-171 Watch from Braun is an innovative addition to Braun’s fleet of watches and clocks.
BareBands is an innovative watch that is designed for a variety of occasions.
With its Helvetica Light Analog Watch, Mondaine marries traditional Swiss watchmaking with a modern typography favorite.
The Bottle Analog Watch from Nava Design is an inspired wristwatch, modeled after a glass bottle.
The AJ Banker’s Watch from Rosendahl follows in the tradition of Arne Jacobsen’s iconic Banker’s Wall Clock, which was...