Collection by Marianne Colahan

Modern Rustic Design from the Dwell Store


Farmhouses and cabins have an undeniable charm that instills relaxation and reflection. The Dwell Store has collected an assortment of modern products with rustic inspiration.

MatterMade’s Farm Table is a dining table that seamlessly blends elegance and rustic charm.
What better way to call the troops to dinner with this retro triangle dinner bell by Pat Kim Design.
The Reclaimed Wood Hydroponic Planter from Modern Sprout is crafted from reclaimed wood and features a hidden...
This decorative ladder from MatterMade was inspired by the 19th century ladders used in apple orchards.
Haptic Lab’s Constellation Quilt brings stargazing indoors.
The simply design Suspended Pine Shelf from Yield Design is a smart addition to an interior space, from kitchens and...
After a hard day’s work at the farm—or the office—the Farmhouse Lounge Chair from Bend is a must-sit.

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