Collection by Erika Heet

Modern Homes in Connecticut


Although New Canaan gets the award for modernism in Connecticut (Breuer, Johnson...), the Constitution State has been known to welcome other forms of modern architectural experimentation. Here are a few examples from Dwell’s pages.

Consisting of two barnlike volumes set atop a stone foundation, the Depot House by Gray Organschi Architecture offers a...
The swimming pool offers an alternative plunge to the nearby Bantam River.
Suzanne and Brooks Kelley at the back of their 1,100-square-foot guest cottage.
The Kelleys furnished the cottage with help from Suzanne’s daughter Betsy Burbank of Betsy Burbank Interiors.
Bassam (left, with Fellows) hung redwood garage doors that match the house’s exterior.
The second-floor bridge that leads to the front door flows from the outside in. “Tractor seat” stools designed by...
The undulating white-cedar door is a replica of one Santiago admired at a sushi bar in Japan.
With the free-floating birch pod defining the space, and the massive Venetian chandelier accentuating the volume, the...
The house that started it all: Philip Johnson's Glass House in New Canaan.
A sibling of Johnson's Glass House is the Breuer-Robeck House, a privately owned historic property in New Canaan,...

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