Collection by Aileen Kwun

Modern Headboards With Personality


These modern headboards are telling intimations of those that sleep beneath them.

In the master bedroom of this weekend home in California, the bed is tucked into a recess in the center of the room...
The bedding is intentionally simple, without layers of unnecessary pillows, and the “non-headboard headboard,” as...
When folded down, deep navy-blue cushions give the effect of a lush headboard.
The couple’s bedroom is a serene space with tinted plaster walls and a white felt headboard and lampshade by Leen.
Furnished with Rakks shelving, a Blu Dot table, and a sofa bed from ABC Carpet & Home, the floor also includes a...
Toby Barlow and Keira Alexandra enjoy a leisurely Alpine morning in bed in their Detroit high-rise home.
The headboard in Hansen’s bedroom echoes the 2013 side-board. The wallpaper is from Arte.
Renzo Brugola, a Memphis designer and cabinetmaker, built the custom bed and headboard in the master bedroom.
Alexandra and Barlow enjoy a leisurely Alpine morning in bed underneath a quilt by Cranbrook Academy of Art graduate...
An Alcova bed from B&B Italia dominates the master bedroom.
The bed was designed to hang from the ceiling and can be hoisted up and pulled down as needed.
Each bedroom is designed to replicated a mini house, and follows the roof's pitch. A skylight lets in light.
Kogan designed a number of the built-in furnishings, including the headboard and cupboard in the master bedroom.The...
The glass platform bed is backed by a headboard of two sheets of lucite embedded with aquamarine wool from Maharam.
The guest bedroom features a custom bed and headboard by Henstein’s Custom Cabinets of Clackamas, Oregon, outfitted...