Collection by Marianne Colahan

Modern Designs from Umbra Shift


Umbra Shift focuses on modern influences in the design community. An extension of Umbra—a major international brand that sells household solutions in stores like Target and The Container Store—Umbra Shift focuses on both renowned and emerging designers, alongside an in-house design team dedicated to functional, aesthetically appealing designs. As a part of a large and established brand, Umbra Shift now seeks out high-design objects and furniture, making timeless design accessible to a broader audience.

Inspired by the traditional basket-weaving techniques of the Philippines, the Coiled Stool is comprised of hand-woven...
Composed of two simple components, the Brick Lamp has an industrial look that will complement a rustic interior or...
Umbra Shift’s Pleated series was designed by MSDS as a way to accompany a plant through different growth stages.
The Nest Caddy is a versatile storage solution that can be used in several ways.
The Knob Spice Grinder’s turning mechanism was inspired by the oven knob, a simple, easy-to-turn topper with...
With its simple profile, the Cup Lamp is an unexpected multitasker.
The Hanger Folding Chair from Umbra Shift is an innovative chair that calls to one of the most classic storage...
A doormat at the front door can tell a lot about the personalities of the people who live inside.
The Asymmetrical Candle Holders are a functional work of sculpture—The bowl-like silhouette of the holder is designed...
The Roll Bottle Opener is an unexpected kitchen accent.

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