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Modern Custom Hand-Carved Staircase


This staircase is a work of art dreamed up by the client’s vision of having a sweeping staircase with fluid movement as opposed to a traditional one with right angles.

There was a massive amount of man hours spent bending the wood to carve the staircase to match the hand-drawn eclipse that I drew freehand on paper. The engineering is hidden from view with a large amount of concrete and steel at the base of the stairs buried beneath the floor. This job was also challenging due to the fact that the home is located on the Balboa Island a half a block from the canal in Newport Beach. When we dug for the footings, we had to wait for the high tide to come and go before we could continue working. So we had to basically work around the tides of the ocean.

The sweeping design of the staircase makes it comfortable to ascend and descend. The open design of the staircase allows for the space to not feel cramped. The end result was magnificent and ultra modern, a very refreshing addition to this older home. Designing this staircase and watching it being built is one of the highlights of my design career.
Photos: Courtesy of Julie Laughton Design Build

This aerial view from the upstairs balcony shows the perfectly symmetrical custom curved design.
Beautiful ascension up this custom curved modern staircase.
The open framing shows off the custom curved design of this handcrafted modern staircase.
The side view shows how beautifully the custom woodworking was bent to accomplish the overall curved design up the...