Collection by Aaron Britt

Mexico City: Day 4


My fourth and final day in Mexico City was a real treat: the perfect blend of making a few new friends and finally clapping eyes on a building that feels like an old pal. I met up with graphic designer Alex Quinto at my hotel and we zipped (well, no one really zips in Mexico City traffic) to the house and studio of the great Mexican modernist Luis Barragan. We saw two of his designs, stopped downtown to walk around a bit more, and then met architect Lucio Muniain at his home for lunch. It was a great meal and I certainly had plenty to reflect on during my excriciatingly slow crawl to the airport for my evening flight. Have a look at the slideshow.

This is not the Barragan house or studio, just a sign in front of this wonderfully textured building.
Photography inside the house and studio was strictly forbidden--nevermind that they lost our reservation, didn't know...
The sole proof I've got that I even made it to the place.
From the street Casa Ortega (just next door) cuts a more impressive figure. The pink walls are classic Barragan.
Once we got to the Centro of Mexico City, Alex and I had a quick walk around.
Here's a tower by Legoretta + Legoretta Architects, a Mexican firm of great repute.
I was pretty impressed by the 18th century House of Tiles.
For our own lunch we visited the house of architect Lucio Muniain.
Another great move, and one that felt very Barragan, is this ramp that leads out of the entryway upstairs.