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meditative spaces

A maple tree grows through an ipe deck in the garden that Mary Barensfeld designed for a family in Berkeley, California.
Board-formed concrete retaining walls double as ramps from the deck to the garden’s highest point.
A stepped concrete garden planted with herbs and flowers marks the descent to the house.
Stained cedar, ipe, and concrete form the 2,500-square-foot home's modern palette.
The living areas and an office are arranged in an open layout around a central atrium that is open to the outdoors.
Van Beek’s extra space is home to her office.
Though the apartment only has windows on one side, Chantilly Lace white paint by Benjamin Moore keeps things bright.
A custom white oak sliding door fabricated by Markus Bartenschlager opens to a guest room with a Bilge lounge chair by...
Structural lines are on full display in the bedroom, where ceiling beams and a plywood bed frame catch the eye.
“This house is actually quite demanding; you have to be committed.”—Resident Nathalie...
The outdoor living room serves as both a counterpoint and extension of the interior, with amenities that include a...
A wood-lined outdoor shower adds a modern touch to one of the decks.
A path created with Stepstone's narrow concrete pavers meanders through the garden past the master bedroom.
Shōden-ji (2004) - Precursors to what we might today call “user-centered design,” Buddhist temples are scaled to the...
Funda-in (2008) - Honoring the meticulousness of the temples’ mostly unknown architects, Hassink photographed 34...
At Moanalua Gardens, visitors gape at the giant monkeypod tree, famous in Japan for starring in Hitachi ads.
Walker left the site in its natural state, but added grasses along the path to the entrance.
Just as the barn was extended and cantilevered over the sloped site, so too was the deck off the kitchen, which juts...