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Material Container


Material container is a collection of stools and tables using different materials in various combinations. The low furniture pieces comprise a conical base topped with a flat disc-shaped container in one material with a contrasting material inside, sitting slightly proud to provide a seat or tabletop.
Pairings include basalt and rosewood, cherry and copper, and cork and aluminum. In total the collection uses two types of stone, five types of wood and three types of metal, as well as woven rush and acrylic.

The Material Container series is focused on the texture of local crafts and unique material qualities. I selected materials that have a special tactility, and tried to find out which combinations of materials go well together.

Creating a contrast between two materials is a good way to balance each material's qualities. I also wanted to use materials that we see around us every day, but don't expect to be used for furniture.

Every piece in the collection is made in different way, by a different artisan, according to the materials used. Depending on the materiality of constituents, I needed to find the right way to make it. For me it is like travelling to find new places. The aluminum pieces in the collection were sand-cast with a variety of finishes. The wooden items were turned on a lathe, while the brass and copper was bent and welded.

The woven rush was made by Korean craftspeople, the basalt and granite was hand carved, and the acrylic was laser cut and dyed to achieve the different colors used.